Big Red Athletic Foundation



Ways to Give

The Big Red Athletic Foundation accepts contributions from individuals and businesses.

            - Individuals can contribute cash, gifts of stock or security, or property.

            - Companies can make donations in the form of commitments if they prefer.

             Biloxi License Plates

License Plates

The official Biloxi Indians Car Tag is a project that was undertaken by the Big Red Athletic Foundation. The Foundation rounded up the 300 tags required by the state to create a new tag. Each year, the renewal of these tags provides funding which goes to the Big Red Athletic Foundation. The number of tags that has been issued to date is close to 500. Any Mississippian (not just Biloxi residents) who gets a tag each year can convert their existing tag to a Biloxi Indians tag by going to the local tag office. Do your part! Get your Biloxi Indians tag today!